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by on December 22, 2020
I rush to my aunt's aid and end up getting more than I bargained for. A good Aunt offers her milk to her favorite nephew.
Dodging rain drops as I ran out of the drug store on a December evening was not how I had planned on spending my night. As I dashed to my car I could see my breath and sighed in annoyance. I should have been on my way to pick up my new girlfriend for some action. It had been a week sense my first meeting with Kelly, my new online fling. She gave me a blowjob in the parking lot behind a warehouse and I was excited to see if things were going to go further tonight. I was only 19 and itching for more.
I fumbled with my keys for a moment before I was able to hop into my car. I hastily tossed the plastic bag with diapers on the passenger seat and turned the heat to high in an attempt to dry off a little on my short ride.
I sped off in a hurry towards my aunt’s to deliver the goods. My Aunt Lisa was my mom’s only younger sister and had given birth to her first child only two months ago. During her pregnancy, her jerk of a husband got caught cheating and they were in the midst of what was shaping up to be a nasty divorce.
As luck would have it, right before I was headed out to meet Kelly the phone rang at my parents house and I was the only one home to answer. It was Aunt Lisa on the verge of tears saying she only had one diaper left and had finally gotten the baby down for the night. She had hoped my parents would be able to run to the store for her. I explained they had gone to dinner, but despite my already running late, offered to grab what she needed before my date.
I texted Kelly and let her know I was running an errand for my aunt and she offered to tag along; I politely declined and told her I would be on the way and it would be quicker if I went solo. She understood and said she was excited about our date and liked how sweet I was for helping my family.
I threw my car in park and hurried to my aunt’s front door with the goods in tow. I almost rang the doorbell, but I realized I would likely wake the baby. My aunt must have seen me pull up and met me at the door motioning for me to come out of the cold rain. I thought I would be out in a minute.
I handed my aunt the bag and tried to whisper that I had to go, but even in the dimly lit foyer I could see that she was teary eyed. Aunt Lisa turned and walked down the hallway of her large colonial home towards the kitchen and I followed closely.
For recently having a child Aunt Lisa looked remarkably good. She was ten years younger than my mother and at 38, could still turn heads. She was always full figured, but had curves in all the right places. She was wearing tight grey sweat pants and a white long sleeve shirt.
“What’s wrong Auntie?” I asked.
Sniffing and irritated she replied, “ I can’t believe I have to go through this alone! I haven’t slept for more than an hour since the baby was born and my asshole husband is shacked up with his mistress!”
I stood in silence and searched for a reply. The kitchen was dark, but I could see my aunt’s shirt was damp around each breast. I must have been staring, because as I looked up from her breasts her eyes found mine for a split second. I knew she had caught me looking.
Aunt Lisa was about 5’2” and during her pregnancy she had gained quite a bit of weight, but it seemed to land in all the right places. Her hips and butt had widened, but more amazingly, her already big breasts seemed to enormous.
She began to cry and stammered, “And now I am fucking leaking milk like a cow! What the fuck!”
I walked across the kitchen towards her and hugged her tightly. I pulled her head towards my chest and she completely broke down.
I rubbed her back and said in a whisper, “You look great and Uncle Scott was a fool to do what he did to you. You are better off without him.”
She cleared her throat and looked up at me and used the sleeves of her shirt to dry her eyes. She half smiled and I continued to rub her back.
My aunt and I had never been super close, but I sincerely felt bad for her. I attempted to console her and squeezed her a little harder and she winced.
“Ouch!” she said as she flinched.
“I'm sorry, What happened?” I asked.
“Trust me, you don’t want to know,” she replied half smirking.
“No really, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“ Well…it's my…it’s my tits Bryan. I haven’t had much luck nursing and I have to keep pumping milk and I am over due;” she said in a very matter of fact tone.
I was again stumbling for words and looked down at her swollen breasts to see that even larger wet spots appeared. I quickly stepped back from our long hug and I felt myself blush.
In a trembling voice I said, “ I am so sorry, I didn't mean to stare…”
Aunt Lisa cut me off and looked down towards my crotch and replied smirking, “Relax Bryan, It’s ok.”
I hadn’t noticed before, but between the anticipation of seeing Kelly tonight and feeling my aunt’s heaving chest pressed against me had me aroused. My cock was straining against the denim of my jeans. I was frozen with embarrassment and shame; I dared not adjust myself for fear of bringing any more attention to my “situation.” My only salvation was the only light in the kitchen that was on was over the kitchen sink and for a moment felt thought perhaps my aunt hadn’t noticed my hard on.
Aunt Lisa again wiped her face with her sleeves and drew a deep breath saying, “At least I can still peak someone’s interest.”
I felt my face grow red as I became aware that my aunt had indeed seen my hard on through my jeans. I choked on the words and uttered a pitiful, “I am so sorry Auntie, it’s just that…well I was on my way to meet someone…and…”
Aunt Lisa leaned against the granite island and took the diapers out of the wet bag. She grinned and said, “From what I can see you have nothing to be sorry about.”
I really wanted to run out of the house and forget this whole evening, but I also felt obligated to stay and make sure she was ok. Aunt Lisa asked if I wanted a quick beer and told me to help myself in the fridge. I turned and opened the refrigerator and noticed the top shelf was lined with small bottles of milk. I attempted not to notice and grabbed a beer. I couldn’t get the twist top off fast enough and took a sip.
Aunt Lisa smiled and thanked me again for being so sweet about rushing the diapers over. I could sense a bit of confidence in her tone when she said, “Sorry if the beer is bad, they were Scott’s and been in there for months. I’ve been meaning to throw them out and make some room.”
I took another swig to settle my nerves and replied, “It’s ok Auntie, the beer is fine. Yeah, I can see the fridge is stuffed.”
She laughed and pointed to her breasts and said, “These ladies can really make milk! Speaking of, I need to change my shirt and bra.”
I felt a little more at ease with half of the beer down and said grinning, “It’s fine, I don’t mind.”
Aunt Lisa smiled and asked my about the date I had planned. I explained it was Kelly's and mine second date. She leaned across the island from me and I couldn’t help but notice how big her breasts had become; she almost seemed to be flaunting them. She said she remembered what it was like to be young and how envious of me she was.
She asked about Kelly and I said she was a brunette and on the shorter side. She was 18 and we met online.
Aunt Lisa sighed and said, “Oh, 18? I bet you are cute together. I can remember when I was 18. Is she petite?
Taken back by her forwardness I stammered, “No Auntie, she is about your size? I mean that…well…what I meant was…”
Aunt Lisa smiled and asked, “You like bigger girls Bryan?
I set my empty beer down on the counter and replied in great confidence, “Yes Auntie, I sure do.”
Aunt Lisa walked around the island and opened the fridge and pulled a beer out and handed it to me and said, “Have one more and than I’ll let you go.”
I quickly opened the bottle and took long drink. Looking back inside the fridge she looked slightly upset as she closed the door.
“I don’t know why I even save all that damn milk. I keep pumping it, but the pediatrician has me supplementing with mostly formula and the baby won’t latch anyways” Aunt Lisa spouted.
I looked at her and said, “Everything will be ok Auntie.”
She caught me off guard by aggressively leaning in and hugged me. The thought of her milk filled breasts pressing against me made my cock stir and I thought, here we go again.
Aunt Lisa looked at me and asked, “Bryan, would you do me a huge favor? I have to pump and while I do would you stay and keep me company? If the baby fusses it would be a big help if you are here.”
I felt bad for my aunt. I looked into her eyes and told her I would be happy to help; I excused myself into the hallway to text Kelly I was running late and would hurry as best I could.
When I returned, I noticed my aunt had moved into the living room that adjoined the kitchen. She was sitting on the plush brown sofa and had a large blanket over her upper body. I could see her bare shoulders and noticed her white shirt and bra laid on the floor by her feet. The cups of the bra were huge.
I was aroused, but also very intrigued by what was going on under that blanket. Next to Aunt Lisa on an end table was a breast pump. From the pump ran a tube that stretched under the blanket. I sat down on a recliner close to my aunt and asked if I could do anything.
She awkwardly fumbled beneath the blanket and asked me to turn up the volume on the baby monitor because the pump would be loud once it started.
I was relatively relaxed considering I was on sensory overload; the beer on an empty stomach had taken the edge off. After a few seconds, Aunt Lisa reached over and switched the pump on.
She kept fidgeting about and breathed a frustrated sigh, “This fucking pump was so expensive and is the biggest piece of junk.”
“What’s the problem?” I asked in awe.
No sooner had I posed the question when Aunt Lisa let the blanket fall to her lap revealing the largest breasts I had ever seen in person. They were pale white and the size of cantaloupe melons. Large blue veins covered her breasts and all seemed to navigate towards her large brown areolas. In the center of each was a thick erect nipple. My cock was now fully erect and throbbing in my pants.
Aunt Lisa looked at me and said, “I’m sorry Bryan, I am just so frustrated and my tits are so tender. I just can’t get this to pump to draw any milk.”
Aunt Lisa asked me to go to the kitchen and get a mixing bowl from the kitchen cabinet. I raced across the room and returned with a large bowl and handed it to her. She placed the bowl between her legs; it began to slide to the floor and I reached for it and held it in place. As I did I was mesmerized by her chest.
Aunt Lisa looked up at me and thanked me for being so helpful, “I am sure Kelly’s breasts are much more to look at than these things.”
“To be honest Auntie, I haven’t seen them yet. They are certainly smaller. I was…well…I was hoping to see them tonight,” I hesitantly said.
Aunt Lisa's face saddened saying, “Oh, Bryan…now I feel bad keeping you.”
As she spoke, she picked up her right breast with her right and with her left hand she began to manipulate her nipple. Almost immediately milk squirted from her breast into the bowl. I was dizzy; she was milking her tit into the bowl I was holding.
I was amazed at what seemed to be an endless supply of milk pour from her breast. She breathed a heavy sigh and said, “Agh…that feels better already.”
I chuckled nervously and as I did a stream of milk hit my hand. I wasn’t sure what to do. Here I was, kneeling in front of my aunt as she drained her breasts two feet from me.
She looked at me apologetically and said, “I am so sorry, when I do this I always make a mess. She let her breast fall and with both hands grabbed my hand. She pulled it towards her mouth and licked the milk from my hand.
I could feel my heart racing and my cock surge. I quickly blurted, “What does it taste like?”
Aunt Lisa took her finger and dipped it in the bowl, set it aside, and pushed her finger towards my lips. I leaned in slowly and licked.
“Wow, it’s so sweet,” I said.
Aunt Lisa laughed and said, It’s even better warm?”
“Warm?” I asked.
Aunt Lisa took her heavy right breast in her hands and pulled it up towards her mouth. She bent her head slightly and began to suck her nipple. As she did she groaned lightly.
She said, “I hate to waste it.” She let her heavy breast fall and asked, “Do you want to try it warm?”
I simply nodded as I sat up on both knees. My mouth seemed to be perfectly inline with her swollen nipples. Aunt Lisa gently placed her hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth towards her left breast.
As the nipple slid into my mouth I felt her shudder and she said, “Be gentle Bryan, this one is super swollen and very full.”
I gently began to suck and to my delight a stream of hot milk flooded my mouth. I swallowed and kept suckling. My cock felt like it was leaking precum in my jeans.
I looked up at Aunt Lisa and her head was tilted back and she moaned loudly. Her left hand was on the back of my head and I could feel her pull my mouth deeper onto her breast. Her right hand was pulling on the nipple of her other breast and milk squirted onto the blanket.
I was feeling so many emotions I wasn’t sure what to do next so I kept sucking and swallowing her sweet milk and she moaned louder still. Aunt Lisa squirmed and said, “Ohh…that feels wonderful Bryan, you're going to make Auntie cum if you keep that up.”
I was in shock from her words. I felt like I was dreaming. I began sucking even harder and she pulled my mouth even deeper onto her. Auntie took my left hand and placed it on the breast she had been milking. I squeezed her nipple gently as she had done and watched the milk squirt onto her lap. Some flowed down my hand and dripped down her breast.
With her hand now free Auntie shamelessly slid it into her sweat pants. I could feel her legs spread slightly and kick a little. With several jerks of her feet the blanket fell to the floor in front of me.
Auntie thrashed a little more and scooted her sweat pants down a bit. I looked down and saw her hand frantically rubbing her pussy as I nursed from her breasts.
I was struggling to suck her massive tits and attempt to watch her play with her pussy. I couldn’t see much but was able to catch a glimpse of her thick patch of pubic hair. I could hear her hand sloshing in her own juices as she massaged her clit.
Auntie started shivering and yelled, “Suck my tits baby!”
With a final pull on the back of my head I sucked as hard as I could. Auntie's hips came off of the couch and her legs clamped around her hand.
She yelled, “Aggh…you are making me cum,” as she exploded in orgasm.
Aunt Lisa pulled my head onto her tit and I couldn’t breath. I was standing over her now as milk flooded my mouth. As Auntie’s shuddering slowly subsided her curvatious body fell back to the couch and again kneeled before her. She eased her grip from my head.
I gasped for air and wiped my mouth on my hand. Auntie looked at me and smiled saying, “Thank you Bryan. I needed that…I feel so much better.”
I sprang to my feet and blurted, “That was incredible Auntie.”
As I stood before my aunt looking down at her breasts and the trickle of milk that ran down each one, I was dizzy with lust. Auntie looked at my crotch and giggled saying, “We can’t let you go on a date like that. You’ll kill the poor girl!”
Aunt Lisa leaned forward towards me and with both hands quickly undid my belt and jeans. Before I could even realize what was happening my jeans and boxers were tugged down exposing my cock. Aunt Lisa looked up at me and smiled saying, “Oh my my, isn’t Kelly a lucky girl.”
My thick 7.5 inch cock throbbed and I instinctively reached to for it. Aunt Lisa grabbed both my wrists and whispered, “Just relax and let me help you.”
I let my hands fall to my sides and without hesitation, Aunt Lisa began to lick the swollen head of my cock. She pulled back and a trail of precum stretched from my cock to her lips. She smirked saying, “Looks like I’m not the only one who needs to be milked.”
I was ready to explode as she began to suck my cock like her life depended on it. One hand rubbed my heavy balls and she worked her mouth up and down the shaft deeper and deeper with each bob of her head. My knees felt weak and I was trembling.
With her free hand, Auntie pulled on the swollen nipple of her right breast and I watched more milk gently mist her lap. This was becoming just to much to bare.
I felt my balls tighten and my legs shook even more.
“Auntie, I’m going…Auntie I am gonna cum!” I groaned.
I expected her pace to slow, but instead Aunt Lisa released her mouth from slobbery cock and with both hands jacked me at a blistering pace. I looked at her and she seemed to be fascinated by my cock as I watched nher massive tits bounced in her lap.
“I’m cumming,” I yelled.
Auntie aimed my fat cock at her tits right as my first blast of cum flew. Shot after shot of thick cum splattered her tits. I had never cum so hard or so much. My ass, balls, and cock pulsed as one with each squirt. As my orgasm slowed Auntie gripped the base of my cock aggressively with one hand and slowly pulled towards the head milking the last of my cum from my shaft.
As a drop of hot cum began to fall, Auntie placed the swollen head of my cock in her mouth and sucked. She swirled her tongue around my cock and slurped while looking up at me saying, “Aggh…your milk is sweet too. Now you are ready for your date.”
I stepped back slowly and pulled my jeans back up and fastened my belt. Looking down at Aunt Lisa's cum splattered tits already had me growing hard as I did my best to adjust myself. Auntie quickly wiped my cum and her milk on her crumpled shirt. She pulled her sweat pants up and sprang to her feet and hugged me tightly.
I could feel her tits pressed against me. She smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “It’s so good to know you are close by. Go have fun on your date! I am going to take a quick shower and clean up a little before I try to get some sleep.”
I assured her I was glad to help and she walked me towards the front door. As I turned to say my final goodbyes Auntie kissed me again; this time a little longer.
As I walked out into the rain Aunt Lisa whispered, “Stop by tomorrow afternoon and tell me all about your date.”
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