John Scott
by on November 8, 2021
We worked together for about 5 years and I was totally unaware that she liked me. I would ask her to assist me on multiple occasions doing different tasks. I taught her several things on Office excel and word, helped with CV's etc. The first time I knew that she was into me,(see pic) was when she wore this outfit. I had called her to my office to make me a cup of coffee,(I would sit back while she made coffee and perve over her cute bum while she was busy). I asked her if she knew that she had a nice bum, and she responded by jiggling it in my face. "Can I touch" I asked, and she said, "please do", so I placed my hand on one cheek which she rubbed up against and took my other hand and placed it on her other cheek and told me to massage them. So I got a little bolder and moved my hands to her hips and she promptly sat down on my lap on top of what was visibly something hard in my jeans. She ground down on me and I almost exploded, then she got up to leave and walked around to the other side of the table. I stopped her and asked her to pose and she did, lifting her arms which pulled up the outfit into her crotch creating the perfect cameltoe. I got up and walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist. She took my hands and cupped her breasts and made me squeeze them, (my cock now fully erect and pushing against her bum) she took her hands from her tits and ran them down her body, first her waist, hips and then bum still pushing up against my hardon. I reached around and outlined her thighs with my fingers, sliding my hands up into her crotch where she groaned and pushed towards my probing fingers. Dammit, a knock at the door and we separated quickly, moving to our opposite sides of the table. I coughed to clear my throat and said "come in" loudly. My coworker entered and as she made to leave, I said to her that she must return just now with her ID and CV which I would upload to her profile.
That was it until the end of the day when she came back to my office to say she would bring the documents the next day. With the door partially closed, she hugged me tight, said thank you and kissed me on the cheek. My heart jumped and my body vibrated, I wanted to kiss her so badly as she opened the door and left for home. To be continued....
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