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by on August 10, 2020
You have always had a crush on your teacher, Ms. Donry, but this time, you've taken it too far. You have been placed in detention! Alas, the school board is not that fit for their duties, as you have been placed in a locked room after school with none other than Ms. Donry. How will you handle this dream?
You are a student at Johnson Whit School. You are frequently caught for staring at your teacher's breasts, and daydreaming. This time, she's had enough. and has given you detention. You are all alone in a locked room with the hottest woman you've ever seen, so you take full advantage.
"What's your name?" you ask from across the room.
"Isn't that a little inappropriate?" she questions sternly. It's obvious she wants to fuck you more than teach you at this point, but she's playing it safe. You're playing it risky though, and so far, it's working perfectly.
The teacher, Ms. Donry, is a gorgeous brunette, with hair that runs down to her shoulders, but has been put into a ponytail. Her blue eyes and careful gaze pierce into your soul, and have been secretly studying you since you entered the room. She's only a little shorter than you, but her legs make it seem like she seven foot. Her perfect ass and round breasts are practically godlike, and her beauty is unmatched. You feel like you're in trouble just by looking at her...but that makes the reward that much sweeter.
You say "We've known each other for so long," I say. "You know the rules of society, and so do I. Please, Ms. Donry, what's your name?"."
The teacher seems to consider it for a moment, then replies,"Call me Eliza." She walks slowly towards you, and looks at the papers on your desk. "Calculus, huh?" I feel self-conscious as she looks at me more closely. "Yeah, never really understood it". I say. Eliza. That's a pretty name. "Well," she says, smiling at me coyly, "I'm sure we'll get through it". I feel my face getting hot as I stare at her cleavage. Fuck it's hard not to stare at those tits. "Well come on then, let's get started". The teacher takes her seat at the desk next to me, and looks at you expectantly. "So," she says cheerfully, "what did you need help on?". I glance at the papers in front of me, then look back at her face. "Girls," I said. "It's hard to get a girlfriend when I have to share a class with you everyday". She cocks her head to one side for a moment, then smiles at me. "Well then," she says, "I guess we'll have to fix that". What? How? She smiles coyly and places her hand on her cleavage. "I can't help but be flattered that you can't take your eyes off me, you know" Eliza says. She leans in close to me as she speaks, her face only a few inches away from mine. Her perfume smells delicious, like apples and honey.
"Would you like to gain some experience?" She winks.
I nod, and lean in. Our lips meet and an electrifying shock runs through the both of us. My heart flutters as I feel my face getting hot, but Eliza doesn't seem bothered in the slightest; she kisses me back eagerly, even thrusting her tongue into my mouth when I didn't expect it. My hand moves from its place on my stomach and finds its way onto Eliza's ass; it feels soft but firm under my fingers. We kiss for what seems like an eternity, but finally Eliza pulls away and smiles at me. "Want to feel them?" she asks. I nod eagerly, and feel two of my fingers slide into her mouth; she sucks on them gently before releasing me and allowing me to continue feeling her tits. They're so soft; so firm yet soft. I could spend all day just rubbing them against my hands... no, against my face... in my mouth... fuck I'm getting turned on just thinking about it! Eliza notices my growing bulge in my pants and smiles again. "I think I know how we can solve this", she says slyly, standing up and walking over to me. She looks down at me as and smiles again. "Come on", she says, "stand up".
I stand up slowly, feeling my bulge grow even bigger, as Eliza stares into my eyes eagerly. She reaches down, grabs my hand, and leads me to her large desk.
She lies on her back on the desk, exposing the underneath of her skirt. I can see the panties that she is wearing, and how they have been soaked through.I pull the panties aside, and unbutton my pants to reveal my large cock. I position it at her opening, which seems somehow even more wet with anticipation. Eliza grabs my hand again as I line it up, then she closes her eyes and opens her mouth slightly. I push forward in one swift motion as she winces slightly at the sudden intrusion; opening her eyes she looks up at me as I begin to slowly push in and out of her. "God, I missed this" she whispers, staring into my eyes as our faces become close. Her hands move from my shoulders and wrap around my forearms, pulling me in deeper as our lips meet once more in a passionate kiss; I begin pumping in earnest as our lips lock together in a loving kiss; our lips moving against each other as our hips begin moving in unison; our lips caressing each other as our lovemaking begins in earnest.
I smack back and forth against her ass, pounding her harder and harder with my dick. She whimpers and screams in ecstasy as she cums on me, but I keep going, undeterred. My hands move from her shoulders and grip her hips tightly as I begin to feel my own orgasm approaching; my breathing becomes heavier, my thrusts faster and deeper; I can feel my dick swelling larger inside her, preparing to release its warm seed inside her womb. Eliza screams into my ear as she cums again, and I follow soon after; our bodies shaking violently as our orgasms rock through us both, our minds lost in pleasure as we cum hard. However, this has been my dream for the better part of four years; I'm not going to end it here. I take my dripping dick out after a moment and walk over to the other side of the desk. I pull Eliza's head down and begin throatfucking her as she rubs her pussy, mixing our juices together.
Her whimpers and screams of pleasure are more muted with the quivering mass of cock being pushed into her esophagus each and every second. I fondle those perfect breasts as I thrust in and out of her skull, and try to hold back the tidal wave of cum that I can feel approaching. Eventually, I can take no more, and push her head down as I begin unloading my seed down her throat; she manages to swallow every last drop without choking or breathing difficulties. After I'm done, I pull out of her throat; she sits there, breathing heavily as she catches her breath. "You know..." she says, "I haven't fucked your brains out yet."
Confusion fills my face. "Didn't we just have sex?" I said. Eliza smiles as she stands up, her legs shaking as she does so; she walks over to me, before leaning in close to my ear and whispering, "Maybe, but you haven't fucked my ass, yet". My spent member jumps to attention at the thought of anal, and Eliza walks over to my desk in the back of the room. She lies down, doggystyle, and slips off her skirt. "Come and get it, big guy", she giggles while waiting for me to approach. I walk over and attempt to slide my slippery dick inside of her ass. It's slow-going at first, but it feels so much better than vaginal sex. I begin pumping my hips harder and harder, faster and stronger as I feel my orgasm approaching once again; I push deep inside her ass as I release wave after wave of my hot, thick semen inside her tight, virgin asshole. Eliza lets out a yelp of pain mixed with pleasure as she begins to shudder; I hold her hips tightly as I fill her ass with my seed. After we've both recovered from our energetic positions, I slip my pants back on as Eliza stands up; we embrace, our lips touching as our tongues wrestle for dominance. "So", Eliza says, "I'll be seeing you around". I look into her eyes; they're brimming with lust. "Yeah... I guess so" I reply slowly, my mind still filled with thoughts of sex and submission. Eliza smiles as I leave the classroom. I know we'll be seeing a lot more of each other in the future...
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