by on April 18, 2020
I throw you up against the wall, and grab you by your throat, pressing myself against you. I growl into your ear, "I'm going to fuck your slutty cunt so hard you won't be able to walk straight for days. No need to thank me, I know it's what a dirty whore like you wants." You whimper, your eyes pleading with me. I rip your shirt and bra off roughly, holding you against the wall with my one hand on your throat.
As your breasts pop free, I purr loudly and start to squeeze and pinch them, tweaking the nipples hard. I pull on your nipples then let go, the snap of them falling back making you whimper and groan. You can see the large bulge in my pants twitching as I play with your tits. After a minute or two, I let go of your tits and press you up against the wall by your shoulders with both hands. I lean my head down and suck your nipples into my mouth one at a time, nibbling them and making you moan. I lick and suck and bite all over your breasts, purring loudly against your beautiful chest.
Finally I stop with a groan and grab you roughly by the hair. "Stop moaning like an animal, you slut and get on your knees." I force you roughly down so your eyes are level with the bulge in my pants. "Take them off and take out my cock," I order in a low commanding tone. Eyes watering slightly from the grip I have on your hair, you obey. My cock springs free and almost hits you in the nose, it stands tall and erect away from my stomach. I grab my cock with one hand and force it against your lips. "Suck it, you disgusting little sex freak. It's all your good for." You whimper loudly, one hand going between your legs as you open your mouth and I force my cock straight down in. Your eyes widen and you mewl pathetically as my cock invades your throat mercilessly, my hand in your hair pushing your nose inexorably against my pubic bone. I groan with deep satisfaction. "See, isn't that so much better," I purr throatily. I look into your eyes, "You look so sexy choking on my cock."
I chuckle and then start to move my hips, holding your head steady with both my hands. In and out, I send my cock deep into your throat over and over, throat fucking you without relenting, moaning as you gurgle and choke, your eyes streaming tears and your nose snot. I pull my cock from your mouth every now and then so you can breathe, though not often, and you cough and spit the runny mess down onto your big tits, making me purr with delight.
After one of these breaks I pull you by your hair over to the bed and lay you down on it, your head hanging off the side. I slide my cock between your breasts as your head hangs between my legs and roughly clasp them around my member. I start to fuck your tits, pinching and twisting your nipples as I take my pleasure from your body. After a few minutes a shudder runs through my body and I pull back and then drive my cock into your gaping mouth.
You splutter around it as I forcefully ream your throat then you start to slap my legs in a panic as you feel my cock twitch inside your throat and my moans turn to deep groans, but I don't respond. I hilt my cock in your throat and groan loudly, cumming deep into your throat. Jizz and spit burst from the side of your mouth and I pull out to shoot a few strings onto your tits as you cough and hack. I gently pick you up, cradling you in my arms and kiss your sweaty and sticky forehead. "There," I say in a throaty whisper, "You're as dirty on the outside as you are within, my little slut." I take you to the bathroom, and start a shower. Delicately, I clean you under the hot water, soothing you with my hands and words, beings sweet and kind as you recover in the warming spray.
But soon my caresses turn into fondling, and I start to run my nails along your skin, my cock hardens painfully, quivering with desire, and you stare at it hungrily. As we step out of the shower, I grab your slick body and press you up against the sink, looking into your eyes, I kiss you roughly, passionately. You melt against me, moaning into my mouth and I grab your waist and hoist you onto the counter, my cock nudging your dripping cunt. I grab your thighs and pull you forward, my cock sinking straight into your hot wet slit. We both groan as we join together and I lift you off the counter and spin us, pinning you to the wall. I begin to roughly fuck you, pounding my cock into your pussy and making you shake with each forceful thrust. You cling to me, clawing my back as I fuck you against the wall, your legs wrapped around my hips.
After about two minutes of this, I lift you off my cock and throw you over my shoulder, taking you back to the bed. You squeal and wriggle, and I spank your upturned ass to make you stay still. Then I throw you down onto the bed and roll you over and give you a harder spanking, making you wriggle and squirm, mewling as I make a fresh red hand print on your snowy white butt. I lift your hips up and push my cock back into your hot wet box, my hands grasping your sexy ass cheeks as I fuck your from behind like a two bit whore. You scream into the sheets with pleasure as I ram your cunt making your whole body shake. As this continues, your cunt starts to squeeze and massage my cock, and I know your close to orgasming.
You scream louder then you have before and your whole body starts to tremble like a leaf when your first orgasm rolls through you. Without stopping, I smack your ass and let my cock continue to drill deep into your sopping snatch. A second and third orgasm ripple through you and this time, your cunt manages to squeeze me to my own orgasm. As I cum, blasting your insides with hot jizz, you orgasm for a fourth time, shuddering and collapsing down onto the bed. I fall down next to you and gather you to me, laying your head on my chest. We cuddle there in blissful silence, until sleep takes us. And when we wake up, we do it all again.
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