akisha muzumbu
by on August 6, 2020
Alyssa was a beautiful petite young Latina women standing five foot two inches. She was in school taking classes to be a teacher and had been chosen to work at the local high school for summer break. She had been assigned to a study hall to help student with homework over the summer break. Alyssa walked into the classroom her first day wearing a pair of black flat shoes , a pair of dark silky nylon stockings , a silky black short skirt with a thin silver belt , a sheer white silky sleeveless collarless front button blouse.
Her outfit looked great on her petite body with its smooth silky light brown skin. Her physically fit body and flat stomach over which stood a nice c-cup pair of firm breasts. Her face had that attractive girl next door quality. She had every guy and even some of the girls drooling as she walked to her desk. Unfortunately as she walked her foot caught on a rip in the rug tripping her. Her head caught the desks edge and knocked her out. The students gathered around her and a young nerd assessed the damage.
He told everyone she appeared to be fine just unconscious. Smiling he told them the first thing to do was loosen any restrictive clothing and removed her blouse discovering she was not wearing a bra. Another student said that skirt looks pretty tight so it to was removed leaving her naked. The students picked her up and placed her on her desk. They moved her nude body positioning her body spread eagled on the desk. The student began exploring her body their hands roaming over it.
This caused her to moan and her body responded physically. The students watched as her nipples hardened and swelled with her arousal. Her vagina began producing a liquid lubricanr that ran from her pussy puddling beneath her. Her vaginal lips grew swollen and spread open like the petals of a flower. The twelve students attending the study hall bound her to the desk top spread eagled and gagged her with one of the girls wet panties. Slowly she came around as the students explored her helpless body.
Alyssa tried to move and speak but could not being bound and gagged. She felt her students exploring her body and moaned as one girl pushed her hand up into her vagina. They saw the girls hand form on the skin of Alyssa's abdomen. The girl masturbated Alyssa until she orgasmed. The student all tasted Alyssa's orgasmic juices as they flowed from her. Then each of the twelve used her body as they wished. Eight males sixteen year old virgins gave up their cherries. The four females forced her to eat their cunts until they climaxed.
When the bell rang they left her bound on the desk as they left for their next class and the next group entered five of each gender. All of them stunned at their teacher being exposed and helpless. It did not take long for them to enjoy their young teachers assets. This went on through out the day. The students talked and decided to keep her imprisoned so they fed her and took care of her for almost a month. They finally had to release her and waited for punishment.
Alyssa never told anyone being to embarrassed at what had happened to her. Finally those student realizing nothing was going to happen they took advantage of her. The ring leaders of the students told her from now on she would come to school without underwear and slutty revealing outfits. She was told to be prepared for any student to fuck her at any moment. The other teachers noticed the change in her but most enjoyed her new sexual openness. One of her students was a prodigy in bio-chemical science.
He manufactured a chemical that they forced her to take. They injected it through her nipples into each breast. They did this daily until her breasts began producing milk. Her breasts grew slightly larger and would leak milk when she was aroused. The students all enjoyed sampling her milk usually direct from the source.Alyssa was slowly overtime turned into their sex slave being fucked through out the day in her classroom.
As time went on some of her fellow teachers began using her sexually. She became the toy to many different races as they were represented in students and school faculty. African-American , Asian , Latin , and white enjoyed her body. Over time the students used her to explore other sexual taboos. One time a large dog was brought to class and students watched as the dog mounted and fucked her. At another time she was left all day bound to the desk and a pair of fucking machines abused her vagina and anus for the school day.
One student had an erotic idea and collected her orgasmic juices and used it to bake cupcakes which was sold to the other students and faculty. Alyssa spent many years as the sex slave to the school. Over the years she taught many young men and women the ways of sex. Taking many virgins and making them sexually aware. Many young men who would not have had the opportunity to enjoy sex did so under her care which they appreciated especially with a young , beautiful , experienced teacher.
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