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This is a story of my friend

Fucking the Boss Wife.

I always wanted to fuck my boss' wife. Her husband was cheating on her and he used me to organise and create all the lies about his trips and meetings. One Friday the boss asked me a favour to drop her wife at home bcos he got a business meeting, I knew about the meeting because I was the one who organised it, he was going out for a weekend with one of the employee he was cheating with and they are only returning on Sunday. I took the wife home and when we reach home she asked if I would like to have coffee and I agree. While we were drinking coffee she told me that she know that I am the one who organised for her husband away weekend she could see I am good at what I do but I won’t fool her she knows everything about her husband away weekend. I was surprise. Few minute later she went to her room to change and came back wearing a short skirt, I couldn’t took my eyes away from her sexy body and I thought to myself that maybe I should make a move otherwise my dream for fucking her won’t come true but I was afraid, I stood up and told her that I have to leave cos it was getting late. I didn’t want her to saw that I got an erection and just went to the door, I then turned to her and asked her since she knows that her husband is cheating on her what is she doing about it. She said why do I care because am the one who is organising everything for her husband, she made me felt guilty. My eyes went from top to bottom on her body and she saw that I had an erection. She opened her mouth and said I should leave because her pussy is not available for me to fuck. I smiled and left. All the way home I couldn’t took my mind off the body I just saw. The following day I got an sms from the boss' wife. On her sms she said she has not have sex for about 8 months with her husband because she is not enjoying it and that’s the reason she doesn’t care about her husband whereabouts. An hour later I got at her house, she didnt knw I was coming. She was wearing that short skirt. We went to the lounge and i just told her I was just passing before she could respond her phone rang and answered it , while she was on the phone I was looking between her tights, she was wearing a pink panty, She laid on her back on the sofa and I had a full view on the panty. She put the phone on the table and close her tights. I had an erection and before she could say something, i stood up went to her and kissed her, she tried to pushed me away and i didnt backed down instead my hand went under her skirt, pulled aside her panty and fingered her. I hold her tight to me and a minute later her pussy was went. She begged me to stop but I didn’t. She said her sister is visiting her and she might be there any minute. i wasted no time, I was kissing her and got in between her tights and directed my pole to her hole. She cried out when I was entering her. I kissed and fucked her tight hairy pussy fast and deep, she was moaning and a minute later she cried out load, she was cumming. I went on to fuck until fill her pussy with my cum. I got up, she was lying there and her phone rang. I started to finger her creampied pussy, she tried to hold herself because she was on the phone. A few minutes later she couldn’t hold herself and drop the phone she was about to cum again. When we were done i stood up and told her i have to leave before her sister get there. She pulled me to her and said I tricked her, she was not expecting me to fuck her and she has never been fucked by a younger person, she was older with six years than me. I left, on my way back home I couldn’t believe that finally I fucked her and her pussy was so tight. On Monday at work we just smiled at each other. She came to the office and I said to her that we should have a quickie at the office, she looked me with her eyes wide opened and said “are you mad, I have never done that and I will never do it". I then stood up from my chair, got my hands other her skirt and pulled her panty aside, she said no, what if her husband or some enter the room and I didn’t listened to her, I just took out my cock, put it on her pussy, fuck for about 4 minutes, she was moaning with pleasure, I loaded her pussy with my cum. I then pulled her panty down and put them in my pocket. She said no word and leave to her office. She sent me an sms asking what kind of a person am I. A few minutes before lunch I went to her office, there we people just on the passage outside her office. I took her by the hand and bend her over, remember she was not wearing any panty. She tried to refused bending over, I fingered her until I heard her moaning. I put her on the edge of a table and entered her, I fucked her fast so that we are done before sum1 enter the office, I came deep inside her. I pulled out and told her that’s the kind of a person I am. During launch she smsed me and said she has never enjoyed sex like she is enjoying it with me, she hope we don’t stop there. from that day we fucked everywhere we could and one day we even fucked in a car with her husband seating on a front seat and nobody saw anything. Even today we are still fucking
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