Dan Msomi
by on January 18, 2021
I've been cheating since we got married 4 years ago...
I have a married girlfried--two actually...and of course some Angel of the night now and again
i even fantasise of a threesome with her and another man
last time she read my whatsapp and noticed i was cheating... but she forgave me
now...I got some proof that she is cheating with a guy doing a less paying job than me...
On one side...i'm afaraid she might know/suspect about my married girlfred as we stay the same place and they once or twice shared taxi... and i can't leave my married girlfried...she is too sweeter to fuck!
so.. Do i tell my wife that i know she is cheating or do i let her enjoy side-dick too?
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How do you know for sure shes cheating?
September 12, 2021