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If wife sharing/cuckold stories is not your kind of fantasy, please stop reading at this point.
This is a story that happened back in 2018 and is a true story. We're a married black couple residing in Pretoria, South Africa. Back when this story took place my wife was thirty-six years old and I was forty-seven. She's medium built, very beautiful and medium in complexion. Her thighs are creamy with a hairy pussy and a treasure trail to die for. She gets hit on everywhere she goes including at the big popular retail store where she works. Another thing is that we're an open-minded couple, having watched my wife getting fucked by my best friend and another guy from our neighboring Zimbabwe before.
One winter Tuesday around two in the afternoon we were driving back from my wife's home, having been there to check on the well-being of her twin mothers and her child who couldn't stay with us because we both had to go to work and she was way too young. As we passed by one high school in Hebron, a young school boy carrying a school bag, walking in the direction that we were headed lifted a finger asking for a lift.
I stopped the car and asked him where he wanted to be dropped off and he indicated that he was going to Ga-Rankuwa. Along the way I started chatting to him and he said that he would appreciate being given any opportunity to make pocket money. As luck would have it, this boy was also from Zimbabwe and those people are known not to be lazy. I asked him if he minded tending our garden on Saturdays and he readily agreed.
I gave him directions to our house and we agreed that he will start that same Saturday. As we started driving away my wife looked me in the eyes and asked what I was up to. I told her that we'll just be helping the poor boy out and besides, it will give me some time to myself. She didn't pursue the subject and we talked about other stuff.
That night, after we got into bed and as we were warming up to start fucking, we started talking naughty. As I was busy kissing and fingering her, I said to her "did you hear that boy saying he's from Zim?". She said "yes I heard him" and I then said to her "I wonder if at his young age he has seen a grown woman's hairy pussy". She pushed harder against my finger and just moaned. I said "I wonder what he'll do if he can see this" fingering her harder. She then said to me "I don't think he'll be aroused by an old woman like me". I said to her "no one can resist you and you know it".
She pulled me on top of her and we fucked while I kept whispering naughty things into her ear, telling her that I wonder how she would feel if it was that Zimbabwean boy doing this to her. She immediately shuddered as she orgasmed and due to the fact that my mind was overloaded with lewd thoughts, I immediately flooded her hairy pussy with my cum. We fell off to sleep.
Fast forward to the first Saturday that the boy came to do our garden, it was relatively quiet as my wife was at work on a nine to six shift. By the time he left at around five in the afternoon my wife was not back from work yet. However, I had a chance to chat with the boy and learned that his name is Zamani. I asked him if he's trying to make a few bucks to spoil his young girlfriend and he said that he does not have a girlfriend since he is the only student from a neighboring country and the girls in his school or township do not want to be stigmatized.
As the day progressed and after I fed him an appetizing lunch he started feeling comfortable. At some stage I asked him if he never gets horny seeing that he doesn't have a girlfriend and he shyly told me that he takes care of it himself IF and WHEN it does happen. We left it at that until he departed for home.
The following Saturday was my wife's weekend off. Zamani arrived promptly at nine and started working outside. We left with my wife to go and do some shopping at Wonderpark Mall. She was wearing a dress that came just above her knees. I bought myself a bottle of Southern Comfort Original as usual and my wife bought herself a six pack of Flying Fish although she's a light drinker and a two litre Coke. We also bought some food from The Fish and Chips Company. We drove back home and arrived around two in the afternoon. She immediately prepared some food and we invited Zamani inside the house for a meal. We decided that it was late already and Zamani can stop working.
Seeing that it was winter, we sat in the house and had our meal. After eating we moved to the living room and sat on the couches. My wife and I sat on a two-seater couch and Zamani sat on a one sitter facing us. The three-sitter was empty. My wife poured me a glass of my favorite drink, she brought herself a can of Flying Fish and a glass of Coke for him. We sat and chatted while my wife and I asked him questions and got to know him better.
Being winter, the sun was going down quicker as the days are shorter. As we were seating on the couches and having a conversation, I put my left hand on my wife's left thigh and kept it there, rubbing it up and down every so often. At some point the dress was riding higher up and Zamani kept focusing on my hand, clearly getting distracted. My wife gave me a look that said "I know what you're doing". Almost an hour and a half into our conversation, I was on my second glass and starting to get a good buzz. I started lifting the dress to a point where it was far up her thighs and Zamani could see short glimpses of her white sheer thong panties between her thighs. He kept shifting to get comfortable but his engorged dick was clearly visible. We continued our conversation, him telling us about school and us telling him about our different work places and the opportunities that he will have should he complete his studies successfully. He stood up to go to the bathroom for a leak.
When he stood up the tent in his trousers was there for everyone to see and it was impressive. I asked my wife if she's ready to take try his young aroused dick. She responded by saying we'll how he reacts, but she pulled my head towards her and gave me a long wet kiss. I pointed it out to her that Zamani saw flashes of her panty and we both saw when he stood up that he's horny. She kissed me again breathing hard. I looked at her after the kiss and said "someone is horny". She just laughed and said 'you can be an idiot sometimes" which is something we always say to each other playfully.
She said he's a bit young and inexperienced and that he might not last long. I said to her that we can devise a plan to keep him overnight which will help. She stood up and went to pour me my fourth glass and get a second can of Flying Fish for herself. She also refilled Zamani's glass of Coke. She kissed me lustfully again after sitting back down and looked me deep in the eyes, horny written all over her face.
Upon Zamani's return from the loo, we settled down again. It was starting to get dark. We resumed talking and I was now boldly rubbing my wife's thighs and flashing Zamani her panties. At some point I deliberately pulled my wife's leg up to put it on top of mine. That gave Zamani a clear shot up my wife open thighs and white lacy thong for almost thirty seconds before my wife brought her other leg closer to close the gap and block the view. Zamani couldn't contain himself any longer and he kept adjusting his dick. I asked him what was wrong and he didn't say anything but shyly looked away, probably out of respect due to our age difference. I then directly asked him if he's horny and he answered in the shyly agreed. I told him to be free with us.
After his admission, my wife laughed, slyly gave my already hard dick a squeeze and then immediately stood up and said "let me go and refresh" meaning she was going to take a shower and probably hide the evidence that she was also already leaking.
It was fast getting dark, so we switched the lights on. Ten minutes after my wife left to refresh, I heard the shower starting to run. My wife called me from the bathroom and I asked her what's up without moving from the couch. She said that she forgot to take her towel with and asked me to bring it into the bathroom for her. I said to her that I'll send Zamani to give it to her so that he can also maybe wash his sweat off since he was working on the garden. She said "Do you wanna scare that kid off?" and I said "I think he's a big boy, he can handle it". She laughed and said "Okay".
I went to our bedroom, my dick hard and straining my pants, took a fresh towel out of the wardrobe, went back to the living room and gave the towel to Zamani to take it to the bathroom. He looked at me in disbelief. I urged him to go to the bathroom to handover the towel. When he stood up his young but adult-like dick was clearly imprinted on his work suits and extremely hard. I hollered to her that Zamani was coming through and she simply said "oh okay". I told him in no uncertain terms that he will not say a word to anyone about this, no one at all. I asked him if he understood and he said yes. I asked him again "Are you sure?" and he said "Yes I swear I won't tell a soul".
He started walking towards the bathroom and I stood up and went outside to the bathroom window, my favorite spot. It was slightly ajar so I could see clearly in the bathroom. My wife was completely naked under the shower. Zamani got to the bathroom door and knocked, my wife said "yah!". He said "I'm sent to bring you the towel" and my wife said "okay", which he wisely took as a permission to open the door and enter.
Upon entering, his eyes went directly to my wife under the shower and she said to him to hang the towel on the rail. He hung it on the towel and turned again to watch her. She asked him if he's gonna leave or just stand there and he responded by saying "I was told that I can also take a shower to wash the sweat off me". My wife again said "okay" and that's when Zamani undressed in record time. I know that many on this platform always paints the next guy as having the biggest dick on this planet, but truth be told, at his age Zamani was gifted down there without exaggerating. Being a black man myself, I consider myself to be well-endowed at 8" but Zamani was bigger than me at around 10". When he took his underwear off, he revealed a massive dick, a common thing with guys from our neighboring country and he gave it a few tugs as he opened the shower door and stepped in.
I unzipped my pants, pulled my already leaking dick out and started pulling and pulling, wondering what's going on in my wife's mind but if the kisses she gave me was anything to go by, then she was ready to taste young cock. He opened the shower compartment door, stepped inside and immediately grabbed my wife like the virgin that he was. He started touching and fondling her hairy pussy. My wife touched him back, taking hold of his dick and feeling its girth while pulling it back and forth. He immediately pushed her legs open, lifted her left leg up and aimed his young dick at her pussy. My wife gasped as soon as he forcefully pushed and penetrated her aroused hairy pussy. With the benefit of inexperience, he immediately started humping and pounding away and almost a minute down the line I heard him yelping and saw him stiffening, I knew that he unloaded inside her. I lost my first load of cum on the wall just outside the toilet, too excited to witness a young boy his age experiencing matured pussy for the first time.
My wife told me later on that the minute he touched her pussy with his dick, she also came immediately because of the excitement of being tasted by a boy who is much younger than her very own little brother. They quickly finished showering and got out of the shower. I went back into the house as they were exiting the bathroom.
My wife said to him they need to apply Vaseline lotion and they went into the bedroom. I went to join them in the bedroom and even before they were finished applying the lotion, he was back at full mast, thanks to being young, energetic and verile.
My wife was looking at his dick which was slightly bigger than mine despite his age and while he was distracted by applying lotion, I mouthed to her silently if she wanted him again. She secretly nodded in the positive. The taboo nature of the whole thing had us all in a sexual high. I then said to Zamani that he seems to be hard again and my wife doesn't mind helping him. He looked at me, not sure if I didn't mind. I asked him to kiss her.
He went to her and kissed her again. He pushed her slowly towards the bed. When the back of her legs hit the bed, she fell backwards on top of the bed and he followed her. He opened her legs up, put his finger in that hairy furrow for a second or two and immediately slid forward between them, pulling her right leg up and towards her chest, gun cocked and ready to fire. He slid more forward and slipped right in, my wife gasped and started moaning. He positioned himself with his chest raised up such that he could watch his dick going in and out of her hairy pussy.
My wife pulled his head down after a while and started kissing him, blocking that beautiful view of watching his young dick sawing in and out of that hairy mature snatch. After a few minutes of them kissing, I unzipped my pants, removed them and moved towards my wife's mouth who greedily sucked me while moaning and responding to the fucking that she was getting. Zamani resumed his previous position of watching his dick penetrating an older married woman. He lasted for almost five minutes this time around on the bed and he groaned again as he released ropes and ropes of cum in my wife's hairy gash. My wife was clutching at his ass, pulling him in her, her eyes closed, face contorted and fucking him back. I couldn't contain myself anymore and also unloaded in her mouth, which she swallowed.
What a precious moment, watching a guy far younger than my own son fucking my wife. Watching his hard dick ploughing my wife hairy slit. Listening to my wife moaning, clutching at his ass and pulling him inside her. Hearing him finally groaning as if in pain, seeing his ass tensing, pushing deeper into my wife's married hairy pussy and spasming like he's having some seizures. Knowing that he is spewing his hot, young and verile seed in my beautiful wife's hot cunt.
Seeing my wife, my middle aged wife completely naked for the first time in front of a boy much younger. That breath-taking moment in the bedroom when she fell back on the bed, opening that hairy heaven between her thighs for that boy's eyes to feast upon and for his juvenile dick to ravish. Hearing her moans and finally her reaching her fever pitch brought about by someone so young he could quality to be her son.
It was around seven thirty when they finished their second round and we all dressed properly, my wife in a short see-through dress pyjamas, and we went back to the living room. Zamani's eyes were fixed between my wife's thighs throughout. I asked him if his parents won't wonder where he is or be worried and he said they will. I then offered to call them and concoct a lie that we had a big tree in our yard that we needed to work on and it took our time but he'll return home safely the following day. They were happy that I called and even spoke to him and he reassured them that everything was fine.
Now I couldn't wait for the main course. We had the last of the chips and bread that we ate earlier and after the meals I poured myself another glass, the fifth. My wife said she's going to do the dishes and clean up in the kitchen and I said "well, Zamani will help you".
I could hear the clutter of the dishes as they were busy doing what they were doing and chatting in the kitchen. After about fifteen minutes it went slightly quiet in the kitchen. I thought I heard some kissing and my wife moaning. It was silent for about a minute or so again when I thought to go and see what was happening. Zamani had my wife on the kitchen top facing forward, night dress raised above and he was pumping her from behind doggy style while playing with her tits. I stood there watching for almost two minutes while my dick was in my hand. After watching for about two minutes I said to them "let's take the party to the bedroom" which caused them to slow down, dislodge and go to the bedroom.
Along the passage, just before we got to the bedroom, Zamani pushed her against the wall, pushed his dick inside her and pummeled her for a short while. He was too worked up to wait until the bedroom. They untangled and entered the bedroom, his cock glistening with my wife's cunt juices.
We all undressed and Zamani started kissing my wife's nipples. He kissed his way down, past her naval and onto her pussy. I was surprised but happy that atleast he could do that. He licked her pussy for a minute or two and then climbed on top of her to fuck her missionary. He did a good number this time around because he went for almost twenty minutes, pounding her hard.
Meanwhile my wife was sucking me and she kept taking my dick out of her mouth mouth and saying "Zamani, nnyobe, oh god nyoba nnyo ya thaka ya mmago! " meaning "Zamani fuck me, oh god fuck the cunt of someone your mom's age!". She eventually said "Nrotele! Rota! Rota!", meaning "Cum in me! Cum! Cum!". When heard those words, he groaned and nutted in her pussy. She grabbed him, pulled him hard against her and also came. Zamani remained on top of her breathing and twitching for some time until I asked him to move over. I then went right between my wife's thighs and penetrated her well fucked and slippery pussy.
I asked her "How's Zamani angel?" as I was slowly pumping in and out of her. She responded "Oh love! This boy is huge and can fuck. He just needs more training but fuck I'm enjoying his dick!". I groaned and said to her *I enjoy watching you fucking someone this young, moreso watching him filling your pussy with his young cream!". She tightened her grip on me and her pussy spasmed around my dick and she wildly kissed me. I lost it. I only lasted for three minutes and added my load in her already filled hairy hole.
We chatted for a bit and switched the lights off to sleep, my wife between the two of us.. Zamani being young and energetic as he was, was fucking her as I was awoken by a bouncing bed and my wife's moans in the dark. She took my dick in her mouth again and Zamani lasted for about thirty minutes before he blew another load in her. He fucked her two more times after that before the night was over.
We woke up around seven in the morning and Zamani went to the bathroom with his morning wood leading the way. Upon his return I immediately stood up to use the bathroom myself. When I returned he was on top of my wife, pumping away missionary. I noticed that he loved this position. He fucked her for a while and then pulled out and shoved her in her mouth and groaned immediately, flooding her mouth.
After that morning session, we all woke up and got ready to get something to eat and recuperate our spent energies. We had our breakfast and then decided to clean up. I went to take a bath and my wife followed closely with Zamani to use the shower. He fucked her doggy style one more time in the shower, lasting longer than the previous night and dumping another load in her well used pussy. We all finished up, got dressed and Zamani left for home.
He continued doing our garden until we moved out of that house to an upmarket suburb which was a distance away. On weekends that my wife was off Zamani got to enjoy my wife's pussy atleast once during the day because he never slept over again since that first night.
That afternoon and whole week we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We fucked like rabbits every opportunity we got.
One Saturday my wife was off and I had a funeral of a relative to attend, leaving her and the boy alone. Zamani fucked my wife while I listened over the phone. I had to go to a public toilet and pump my dick until I came with them to avoid fellow mourners seeing me suddenly aroused and on the phone.
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