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So I've just finished school and been working for a company as a PA.The owner was a 55 Year old white married male. I used to wonder what it would be like to feel his white cock in my tight Indian pussy. One day while typing out an email he came and stood behind me. I looked up and caught him staring down my blouse.I asked Andre, do you like what you see.His eyes surprised and shook his head yes. We were alone in the office. His wife was away for the week on business. I stood up grabbed and kissed him passionately. He returned my kiss.He grabs me and strarts fondling my body. Like a k** in thr candy store all excited. He rips my blouse off and grabbed my hard nipples and sucked on them.he then lifted up my skirts to find my tiny g-string all moist. He moved his mouth over my wet g-string and smelt my aroma.By now I'm horny as hell and unbuckled his pants to expose the nice delish hard white cock.We stripped naked in my office He bends me over my table and slowly started penetrating me. I moaned in pleasure.. my tight pussy stretching, griping his cock.He the stops lifts me onto the table ands tretches my legs apart to expose my moist brown smooth pussy. He tells me had dreamt of this moment many times.He devours my pussy till I come all over his face. I then shove into my chair and cowgirl mount him. I ride his big cock...until he tell me he's going to come..i whisper cum in my pussy make me drip of u.he exploded his warm cum into me. SO OUR steamy office affair began...

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